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GPR Case Studies

An sample of GPR surveys undertaken, presented as case studies:
Reading bridge

GPR bridge investigation

GPR investigation to determine reinforcement detail and concrete testing of a bridge over the river Thames…

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Ground Penetrating Radar survey of office floor slab

Floor slab services in London office

Survey to locate services / conduits in the floor slab of a London office to enable six revolving doors to be fitted…

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Corridor in London school

Construction defects in London school

We used GPR to investigate possible causes of cracking in the roof slab and verify as built drawings…

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Ground Penetrating Radar survey of gas holder base

Gas holder base thickness measurement

We used GPR to determine the gas holder base thickness non-intrusively and with only one-sided access...

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Ground Penetrating Radar survey of platform at Paddington station, London.

Paddington Station

GPR survey using multi-channel system to scan 8 platforms and a concourse area to determine construction detail…

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St Helens church, London

St Helen's church, London - wall voids

GPR survey to locate areas of voiding and their extent within the rubble infill of the 900mm thick walls…

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Survey to locate tendons in floor slab

Warehouse tendon location mark-up

A non-intrusive GPR survey to locate post-tensioned cables within the floor slab of a working warehouse…

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Abseil Ground Penetrating Radar survey of Wellington monument

Wellington Monument

The trust's building surveyor, said the GPR study was to help "understand this unique and somewhat complex monument…

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Survey to locate pad foundations using Ground Penetrating Radar

Pad foundation location survey

GPR used to locate pad foundations on site in Waterloo. Historic drawings indicated that the building previously on the site...

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