300/800 MHz dual frequency (DF) antenna

GSSI 300/800MHz dual frequency (DF) antenna

The 300/800MHz dual frequency (DF) antenna records two sets of data (one for each antenna frequency) enabling shallow and deeper targets to be detected at optimum resolution. The resolution and detail of GPR scan data decreases with lower antenna frequencies; it is therefore desirable to use the highest frequency possible, while still meeting the objectives of the survey. The data can be merged using Radan software to display both sets of data in a merged file making data analysis and interpretation easier and more efficient.


You can read more about typical applications for the 300/800 MHz dual frequency antenna on the following pages:

Retaining wall surveys
Void location in construction and below slabs
Wall and slab thickness measurement
Railway ballast thickness and evaluation


Centre Frequencies: 300 and 800 MHz
Penetration Depth: up to 4m
Uses: utility surveys, archaeology, deep construction detail
Manufactured by: GSSI