2.6 GHz GPR antenna

GSSI 2.6 GHz GPR antenna

The 2600 MHz is an ultra-high resolution antenna suitable for the inspection of concrete structures, the location of embedded rebar, post tension cables and conduits.


You can read more about typical applications for the 2.6GHz antenna on the following pages:

Concrete floor slab surveys
Locating services and conduits in concrete slabs
Locating Tendon Ducts in Post-Tensioned Concrete
Locating under floor heating pipes
On-site rebar location and mark-up surveys
Rebar mapping and concrete imaging
Void location in construction and below slabs


Center Frequency: 2600 MHz
Depth Range: 0-0.4 m (0-12 in)
Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)
Dimensions: 3.8x10x16.5 cm (1.5x4x6.5 in)
Model 52600S
Manufactured by: GSSI