2.0 GHz GPR Palm antenna

GSSI 2.0 GHz GPR palm antenna

The Palm Antenna is the most compact GSSI antenna available to date. It measures only 104.5×91.5×154.7 mm enabling it to be used in very tight and confined spaces. It is particularly good at scanning into corners, against walls and around obstructions (it can scan to within 45mm of an obstruction).

The antenna includes a dedicated survey wheel (located to the rear of the antenna, a replaceable skid plate, and removable handle to reduce antenna height, if necessary.


On site the main benefit of this antenna over others of a similar frequency, is its compact size. This makes it very useful for scanning in areas where access is restricted, or where obstructions, such as pipes, ornate mouldings, etc. are present. You can read more about typical applications for the 2.0GHz Palm antenna on the following pages:

Locating embedded metal in masonry
Locating Tendon Ducts in Post-Tensioned Concrete
On-site rebar location and mark-up surveys
Rebar mapping and concrete imaging


Centre Frequency: 2.0 GHz
Penetration Depth: up to 400mm
Uses: rebar location/mapping and concrete investigation
Manufactured by: GSSI