Rebar location

Don't take chances. Locate rebar in concrete before you find it with your drill bit, core barrel or saw!

You should always check any concrete for rebar and other embedded objects before cutting, drilling, sawing or other intrusive works. Whether it’s a concrete slab, beam column, wall, foundation, footing, retaining wall, pavement, etc; check first!

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JP Morgan Corporate Challenge logo

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

Team Sandberg at the 2018 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge at Battersea Park, London.


On Thursday 5 July 2018, Sandberg took part in the 42nd J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge at Battersea Park, London.

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Chimney flue location in thick stone walls

The majority of chimney flue location surveys we undertake are in Victorian houses. These have uniformly built, not overly thick, brick walls, which makes detection and location of flues fairly straight forward. Ground Penetrating Radar detects changes in the subsurface. The flue voids offer a big contrast to the masonry; therefore, they appear as a strong reflection in the GPR radargram.

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Filler joist location

GPR is very effective in detecting and location filler joists in concrete slabs. Unlike some other methods, GPR can differentiate between dense beam reinforcement and filler joists. We were asked to locate filler joist on this site in London and mark up their positions in-situ.

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Floor slab survey for load capacity

We were recently instructed to undertake a structural floor slab survey for back analysis of the slab to determine its load capacity.

The following information was required from the survey:

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